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In Hamburg now... was supposed to go to Toulouse tomorrow for something else but that got postponed. So that means that I'm flying back home tomorrow, and probably have to fly again to Toulouse in early Dec.

I'm really starting to feel bogged down by all this travelling. It usually comes very last minute and I don't get much (if any) advanced notice. Now I end up missing my French classes and I can't take my French exam in Dec. I also start worrying about making plans and appointments over the weekends because I am worried that I will not be in town. And now I am worried that I can't make it for Zouk Out or I can't make it for my X'mas dinners. SIGH!

Anyway, Hamburg is rainy, rainy and rainy. It's been raining for almost 3 days non-stop now. It feels like 0 degrees outside, but I think it's around 5 degrees. Not that that makes much of a difference. It's just so cold!

I'm honestly so tired from this trip. We leave the hotel before 8am and we only get back to the hotel at 11pm or so. The days are hectic and long and I am totally drained. Plus, just as I am about to adjust to European time, I'm bundled off back to Singapore, only to suffer from immense jetlag all over again and majorly screwing up my body clock.

I feel old. I take days to recover from crossing time zones. I only hope that I get upgraded to First on my trip back tomorrow. Coming in from SIN to ZRH was most lovely. Had a nice seat in First on the 773ER. :)


In Montreal now....

Always wanted to visit but now that I am here, I am not terribly excited.

This place is stuck in the 90s. Everything looks awfully dated and not very modernised for a large North American city. Everything looks old, which some might claim to be what Montreal's appeal is. Things are kept real and nothing is pretentious. It's very cosmopolitan and you can tell that this is an immigrant city, where many people look like they just arrived here the week before.

The interesting thing is that this is the largest Francophone city outside of France, and there is just a very subtle French appeal. People are nice and friendly and it's nice to just walk around. 

That much said, for a city of 3.5million, I am hardly excited about it. 

There are so many Asians I can feel right at home but the vibe is different. Vancouver and San Francisco both also has large Asian population and it just somehow feels right. Here, it feels kinda strange.

Anyway, we were in Quebec City before this and that was nice. Puerto Rico was also a blast and probably the highlight of my trip.

We're heading to Toronto and Niagara Falls soon, before ending up in New York City! NYC should be a blast! I can't wait!   :)

Travel Plans 2008

Yay, managed to get my ticket. So it'll be like this:

15 Aug SQ26 SIN - JFK
29 Aug SQ25 JFK - SIN

In between: Puerto Rico, New York City, Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto and Niagara Falls.

Now to do some major planning... I'm excited! Yay! :)

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At the dentist now... just extracted 2 of my wisdom teeth... i'm so glad i chose to take the GA this time. It costs a bit more but when the operation is over, you just feel a bit sleepy and not much pain.... 

The last time I took out the other 2, I was only under LA. And it was not very pain but kinda weird... Today they put me on some sort of gas for like 3 minutes and halfway thru, I was already feeling sleepy and high.. haha.. luckily they weren't playing Tiesto. Anyway a few minutes later, the dentist jabbed something else into me and a short while later, I felt many people crowding over me and doing things in my mouth. So it's not REALLY falling asleep.... its just like to block your brains from working and thinking... so a short while later, they said it was done and all along, i was semi conscious and could actually wake up when he said that.

Managed to get up al right and walk to the internet station to rest for a while, so that the GA can entirely wear off. But I still found it kinda weird though... that I don't remember sleeping at all? Maybe I'm so anal retentive that I just refused to sleep. Is this normal? Whatever it is, this experience was so much better than the last one. Will really recommend this procedure to ppl who are thinking of extracting wisdom teeth!

Anyway hopefully I can leave soon, just waiting for the damn thing to wear off. Decided to pay with my Medisave, so finally my teeth can be normal again! One week's MC... hope I get enough time to rest! :)



At the airport now.. leaving for Sydney soon on the A380.. the holding room is packed with people! The flight is full today and it's really quite scary how crowded it is. I can't imagine all the 400+ people packed onto the plane and it making its way 7 hours across the Pacific.

I'm quite excited though, my first time flying on the A380. Think it'll be fun! Alright, gotta board soon. :)