September 14th, 2007


(no subject)

Finally done with my last flight yesterday! Will be starting my new job on Monday.. kinda apprehensive.. but we'll see how it goes.

Spent the last 2 hours ironing my new shirts and pants for work. Spent like close to $500 on 8 new shirts and 3 pairs of pants.. haha.. must have new wardrobe for the new job. But it's gonna be a huge bummer having to do the ironing every weekend. Boooo! :(

Also spent the whole afternoon packing up my room and getting rid of lots of useless clutter that I've amassed over the past 2 years flying. When I moved in here, I brought the bare minimum over and now the closets are bursting with so much stuff I dunno what to do. Probably have to bring back some junk to my mom's place. Hmmm...

Had a short workout at the gym and then a nice dinner at Parkway. Now watching Season 5 of Family Guy which I downloaded. Also finished the 1st season of How I Met Your Mother (all 22 episodes!) last week and now going on to Season 2! HIMYM is hilarious! Think it may still be showing on Star World now.. but anyway it's damn funny! :)