Scum (scummy) wrote,

I watched 881 finally today! Wah.. it was really good! Totally exceeded my expectations and I did go in with some expectations. Well done to everyone involved! :)

Finally completed my 2 weeks reservist today. Quite pleased with how everything turned out. Initially I was really unhappy the first 2 days because I didn't know anybody there. But at the end of it all, managed to get to know most of them better and I'm actually quite looking forward to meeting them again in 2 years' time. We also had a cohesion lunch and I had 4 beers and 2 glasses of red! So scary.. but it's fun la.

Finally got my contract. Time to close this chapter of my life and open the new. Must be prepared to work really hard and stay late in office lots. But at least it's what I'm interested in. Just 5 more flights to go!! I tink I just might miss flying!
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