Scum (scummy) wrote,

Wah.. LJ's been getting pretty tense lately so I just have to post something frivolous!

Since coming down to ground 4 months ago, I've actually put on 8 kg! YEPPP! I used to be about 60kg when I was still flying.. yes a little on the low side but working on the plane really kept my metabolism up. Now that I'm sitting at my desk 8 hours a day (or more!), my appetite has gotten so much bigger and I'm just plain getting FAT. So I'm now 68kg (ok after the 45 mins of cardio at the gym just now, I'm actually 67.3kg but we all know that's the water weight that I lost)... that's really disgusting.

In other news, my belly is getting bigger and bigger and I look like I'm 3 months pregnant. This is so not good for me. I'm so ashamed to take my shirt off now and I dunno of any other 26 year old who has a tummy as big as mine. The father of my child is all the alcohol I've been taking and the mother is all the oily food I've been eating (Read: fried bee hoon or noodles for breakfast every morning).

So with this update, I shall make a conscious effort to 1) drink less (god help me) 2) eat less (god help me again) and 3) do more cardio. #3 will actually be the easiest to do, followed by #1. But #2.. sigh.. I just love to eat! And at work, the only times I look forward to are breakfast time and lunch time! Maybe I just have to cut down on the oily stuff and tell myself that I am full even when I am not. BIG SIGH!

So let's see how this goes! I think 65 - 66kg would be just nice for me.. I've put on 8kg in 4 months but I wonder how easy it would be to lose those 2 - 3 kg! SIGH again!!

Ok. End of frivolous entry.
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