Scum (scummy) wrote,

At the dentist now... just extracted 2 of my wisdom teeth... i'm so glad i chose to take the GA this time. It costs a bit more but when the operation is over, you just feel a bit sleepy and not much pain.... 

The last time I took out the other 2, I was only under LA. And it was not very pain but kinda weird... Today they put me on some sort of gas for like 3 minutes and halfway thru, I was already feeling sleepy and high.. haha.. luckily they weren't playing Tiesto. Anyway a few minutes later, the dentist jabbed something else into me and a short while later, I felt many people crowding over me and doing things in my mouth. So it's not REALLY falling asleep.... its just like to block your brains from working and thinking... so a short while later, they said it was done and all along, i was semi conscious and could actually wake up when he said that.

Managed to get up al right and walk to the internet station to rest for a while, so that the GA can entirely wear off. But I still found it kinda weird though... that I don't remember sleeping at all? Maybe I'm so anal retentive that I just refused to sleep. Is this normal? Whatever it is, this experience was so much better than the last one. Will really recommend this procedure to ppl who are thinking of extracting wisdom teeth!

Anyway hopefully I can leave soon, just waiting for the damn thing to wear off. Decided to pay with my Medisave, so finally my teeth can be normal again! One week's MC... hope I get enough time to rest! :)

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