Scum (scummy) wrote,


In Montreal now....

Always wanted to visit but now that I am here, I am not terribly excited.

This place is stuck in the 90s. Everything looks awfully dated and not very modernised for a large North American city. Everything looks old, which some might claim to be what Montreal's appeal is. Things are kept real and nothing is pretentious. It's very cosmopolitan and you can tell that this is an immigrant city, where many people look like they just arrived here the week before.

The interesting thing is that this is the largest Francophone city outside of France, and there is just a very subtle French appeal. People are nice and friendly and it's nice to just walk around. 

That much said, for a city of 3.5million, I am hardly excited about it. 

There are so many Asians I can feel right at home but the vibe is different. Vancouver and San Francisco both also has large Asian population and it just somehow feels right. Here, it feels kinda strange.

Anyway, we were in Quebec City before this and that was nice. Puerto Rico was also a blast and probably the highlight of my trip.

We're heading to Toronto and Niagara Falls soon, before ending up in New York City! NYC should be a blast! I can't wait!   :)
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